To propel the real estate industry forward by creating
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Know when to Grind. Know when to Breathe.

But for an intense period of Grind, Fortress wouldn’t be here. But for the space to Breathe, Fortress wouldn’t be sustainable or special. We are empowered to know when to do everything we can to achieve the immediate goal, and when to create balance and space, to ensure the overall health of ourselves and our team.

Observe, then Contribute.

We are smart. We are competent. Our thoughts matter. Because of this, we are required to use our voice and contribute. Our contributions are more valuable after observing. Listen, and truly hear others through their words, tone, body language, and presentation. Then, with that knowledge, contribute, with questions, thoughts, or answers.

Hold Yourself, and Others, Accountable.

Take ownership of the problem, the plan, the work, and the results. And hold everyone on the team to the same standard. We do not rise to the level of our goals; we fall to the level of our systems. When our system involves accountability, we are exponentially stronger.

Challenge Directly. Care Personally.

Say the thing that needs to be said, not the thing that’s easy to say. Deliver hard feedback, make tough calls, and be honest - with care and empathy. Know each other and the team and share ourselves. Be direct, thoughtful, intentional, and compassionate.

Make New Mistakes.

If we never make mistakes, we aren’t trying hard enough. If we repeat mistakes, we aren’t learning. Try hard, make mistakes, learn well, make new mistakes.

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