About us

Fortress is a core property management software product created on the basis that property management software should be easy, transparent and informative. Existing property management platforms are outdated, lack proper support, and require a computer science degree and a deep bank account to fully understand and get the most out of them. Fortress recovers lost time and money through in-system training, support from the perspective of a property management company, and real-time data for immediate knowledge and action.

Our transformative technology platform will change the way you think about property management forever. For the first time, experience real-time transparency into property performance data, a user-friendly interface, and the most powerful suite of preloaded tools ever developed.

Fortress was built around the unique needs of property management companies, because it was built by property managers. ​

Our Vision

Fortress will provide next generation technology to the property management industry, creating such efficiency that Fortress is universally recognized as the best option for professional property management companies. Fortress – the only property management software developed in the last 15 years, is focused on operations and complex accounting for property management companies of all sizes, with a user-driven UI, clean databases, internal training, and access to real-time, transparent information.
“I expect the majority of property management companies will be using Fortress within the next 10 years. It is such a clear-cut choice, it's inevitable.”

Brian Ball, CRO
Fortress Technology Solutions, Inc.

Want to see Fortress in action?

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