Our Vision

Provide next generation technology to the property management industry, creating such efficiency that Fortress is clearly the best option for professional property management companies.


What you don't know is hurting your business. At Fortress, we believe your software should tell you immediately where your property stands and what you need to do next in order to be successful. Fortress allows you to experience all of the information your property relies on in one immersive interface. Plus, with unparalleled accuracy and up-to-the-minute performance data, you and your staff will always be ready to take the next step in building a better community. ​


As a group of industry professionals, our team took the frustrations and roadblocks we recognized with existing platforms and created one simple solution with limitless capabilities and zero complexity. We have full confidence your team will feel comfortable using Fortress on day one. That means less time learning and more time leasing. ​


You don't use a flip phone to operate your life, so why are you still using outdated software to run your property? Fortress was daringly designed inside and out to push the boundaries of existing software without the need for costly add-ons and upgrades. We've included robust integrations, built-in BI tools, and industry leading financial and AP software, all right at your fingertips. ​​​​​​